Electric fields, induced EMF, and electric potential.

Something bothers my mind while talking the \vec{E} arising in a changing magnetic flux. How is the behaviour of the \vec{E}.

After quite some reads here and there, this particular part helps me a bit,


taken from Halliday & Resnick, Fundamental of Physics, 9th ed.

So, the electric field and the arising potential different is restricted or bounded exactly at the closed loop. This closed loop is inherently imaginary, and can be anywhere, as long as it encompasses the area of changing magnetic flux.

Then, is the electric field a function of position? or how it behaves accordingly? how we relate this to the generic expression of Faraday equations in the Maxwell famous equations?

Let’s read it here.


  • Remember that electric field is conservative if and only if it is static.
  • EMF in a circuit is driven through a non-conservative force, as the loop integral part of conservative force is zero.
  • What are this non-conservative force? they could be chemical potential (battery), magnetic force (direct interaction between B and q), nonconservative electric field arising from changing magnetic flux, and etc

My understanding of EMF is not completed yet though. I thought I will complete this article later on by reading the chapter 7 of David J. Griffiths.

See ya!

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Accepting ourselves as human.

Accepting ourselves as human, and move forward.

Admit it, we simply can’t be positive all the time, it’s just normal. Our emotion just change continuously.

What we must remember is, during those negative moods, we just have to move forward, as we know that we will get better soon.

Don’t stall, don’t overthink, don’t isolate ourselves, socialize as usual, do what we have to do, and keep moving forward.

You don’t want to waste your time, do you?